Alternatives to Bard

Find the top 7 latest alternatives to Bard in chatbot niche.

About Bard

Bard is an AI chatbot that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI to understand user prompts and provide text responses. Bard has the ability to access the Internet and include information scraped from recently published content in responses.


ChatGPT by OpenAI stands out as a leading AI chatbot, boasting powerful GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 language models. From text generation to code assistance, it offers a range of versatile features for users. While a basic version is free, the Plus subscription provides additional benefits for a premium experience.

Landing page of ChatGPT


🧠 GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 Language Models: Powering intelligent conversations and text generation.

✍️ AI Writing & Text Generation: Creating diverse and coherent textual content.

💡 Problem Solving: Assisting in addressing a variety of queries and challenges.

💻 Code Assistant: Helping with coding tasks and providing programming support.

💬 Versatile Conversations: Engaging in a wide array of topics and discussions.

🔐 Privacy and Security: Ensuring data protection and user privacy.

App page of ChatGPT

What is pricing for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT comes with a freemium plan.

How much AI is used in ChatGPT?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, ChatGPT uses 100% AI in their chatbot platform.


Maya AI is an AI platform that provides actionable insights from internal and new data in real-time. Maya helps companies find data correlations, predictions, analyses, and deliver personalized action plans from internal and external data.

Landing page of Maya


📊 Actionable Insights: Provides actionable insights.

📈 Data Correlations: Helps identify data correlations.

📅 Predictions: Supports predictive analytics.

💼 Business Analysis: Delivers personalized action plans.

🌐 Internal & External Data: Analyzes both internal and external data sources.

⏱️ Real-Time: Offers real-time data analysis.

App page of Maya

What is pricing for Maya?

Maya comes with a free plan.

How much AI is used in Maya?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Maya uses 85% AI in their chatbot platform.


Chatsonic has real-time access to Google Search, AI image generation, voice commands, and context retention, making it a versatile and dynamic chatbot. Whether you need answers to complex queries, artistic content, voice-based interactions, or context-aware conversations.

Landing page of Chatsonic


📈 Real-time Google Access: Provides accurate answers from Google Search, even to complex or unusual queries.

ğŸŽ¨ AI Image Generation: Creates stunning digital artwork using AI models like Stable Diffusion and DallE.

🗣️ Voice Commands: Respond to voice commands for ease of use.

🔄 Context Retention: Keeps conversations engaging with context preservation.

App page of Chatsonic

What is pricing for Chatsonic?

Chatsonic comes with a freemium plan and it's pricing starts from $49.00/month.

How much AI is used in Chatsonic?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Chatsonic uses 90% AI in their chatbot platform.


Microsoft Bing is an AI-powered features that significantly enhance the Bing search engine and Edge web browser. This suite is designed to provide users with a range of advantages, making their online experience more efficient and productive.

Landing page of Microsoft Bing


📖 AI-Generated Stories: Summarizes complex topics in various formats.

🤓 Bing Insights: Offers contextual info and recommendations in Microsoft Edge.

🔍 AI-Powered Search: Understands search intent for more relevant results.

🖼️ AI Image Generation: Creates digital artwork based on your prompts.

ğŸŽ™ï¸ Voice Commands: Access via voice commands.

🔄 Context Retention: Maintains conversation context for natural interactions.

App page of Microsoft Bing

What is pricing for Microsoft Bing?

Microsoft Bing comes with a free plan.

How much AI is used in Microsoft Bing?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Microsoft Bing uses 80% AI in their chatbot platform.


Claude is a AI assistant based on Anthropic's research into training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems. It is accessible through a chat interface and API in the developer console and is capable of a wide variety of conversational and text-processing tasks while maintaining a high degree of reliability and predictability.

Landing page of Claude


📚 AI-powered Summarization: Claude simplifies complex content by generating concise summaries of text, code, and documents for easier comprehension.

🔍 AI-powered Search: Claude streamlines information retrieval, making it quick and hassle-free, even if you're unsure where to find what you need.

🖋️ AI-powered Writing Assistance: Claude enhances your writing skills by offering grammar, style, and clarity suggestions for more effective communication.

💻 AI-powered Coding Assistance: Claude improves coding efficiency and accuracy with syntax, algorithm, and best practice recommendations.

❓ AI-powered Q&A: Claude provides comprehensive answers to your questions, no matter how complex or unconventional they may be. 🤓

App page of Claude

What is pricing for Claude?

Claude comes with a free plan and it's pricing starts from $20.00/month.

How much AI is used in Claude?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Claude uses 90% AI in their chatbot platform.


Monica uses AI, powered by the ChatGPT API, and uses AI to reply to your chat messages. It can also generate copywriting based on provided templates. Monica also has the capability to translate, rephrase, and clarify text from any web page.

Landing page of Monica


💬 Chat Messages: Understands and responds to chat messages.

✍️ Copywriting: Generates copy based on provided templates.

🌐 Web Page Interaction: Can translate, rephrase, and explain text on web pages.

🧠 AI Technology: Utilizes advanced artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT API.

App page of Monica

What is pricing for Monica?

Monica comes with a freemium plan and it's pricing starts from $24.90/month.

How much AI is used in Monica?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Monica uses 70% AI in their chatbot platform.


Perplexity is a chatbot and search engine that uses natural language processing, and machine learning to offer exact and complete responses to user inquiries. This tool searches the internet using advanced technology to provide real-time information on various topics.

Landing page of Perplexity


🚀 Accurate and comprehensive answers to user queries

- Real-time search of the web

- Access to PDFs

- Powered by large language models

- Free to use

- Available on the web and as an app for iPhone users

- Cites sources used to provide the answer

App page of Perplexity

What is pricing for Perplexity?

Perplexity comes with a freemium plan and it's pricing starts from $20.00/month.

How much AI is used in Perplexity?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Perplexity uses 90% AI in their chatbot platform.

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