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Find the top 2 latest alternatives to Slazzer in content creation niche.

About Slazzer

Slazzer is a AI-powered background removal tool designed to swiftly and accurately eliminate backgrounds from both photos and videos. It is suitable for businesses, creative professionals, and individuals seeking to enhance their media editing and design projects.

Content creationFreemium is a tool that you can drag images into and it removes the background from these images. You can drag images or even whole folders of images from anywhere on your computer and define yourself where to save the background-free images in the settings

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📷 Background Removal: Automatically removes backgrounds in seconds.

⏱️ Time-Saver: Cuts down on editing time. 🖼️ Versatile Output: Create transparent or white backgrounds.

🤖 AI-Powered: Utilizes clever AI technology.

ğŸŽ‰ Efficient and Enjoyable: Simplifies the process for fun editing.

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What is pricing for comes with a freemium plan and it's pricing starts from $0.20/image.

How much AI is used in

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, uses 40% AI in their content creation platform.

Content creationFree

PhotoRoom's combination of AI-driven background removal, product photo creation capabilities, versatile photo editing tools, batch editing support, and platform integrations makes it a valuable tool for both personal and professional photo editing needs.

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✂️ AI Background Removal: PhotoRoom leverages advanced AI technology to precisely remove backgrounds from photos, enabling efficient subject isolation.

📸 Product Photo Creation: PhotoRoom is tailored for effortless product photo production, offering an array of tools and templates to enhance images for online marketplaces and social media.

ğŸŽ¨ Photo Editing: PhotoRoom boasts an extensive set of photo editing capabilities, including filters, effects, and adjustments, allowing users to customize and enhance their photos to their liking.

🔄 Batch Editing: Supporting batch editing, PhotoRoom enables users to apply consistent edits to multiple photos simultaneously, streamlining the editing process.

🔌 Social Media and Marketplace Integrations: PhotoRoom seamlessly integrates with various popular social media platforms and online marketplaces, simplifying photo sharing and sales, and expanding users' reach.

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What is pricing for Photoroom?

Photoroom comes with a free plan.

How much AI is used in Photoroom?

As per AI Gossip scoring mechanism, Photoroom uses 90% AI in their content creation platform.

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