Folk is an tool that prioritizes the user's needs. It is lightweight, customizable, and powered by AI. It can automate manual tasks, allowing users to focus on building stronger relationships.

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📇 Contact Sync: Folk simplifies contact and interaction syncing across various platforms. It ensures seamless two-way synchronization with Gmail, Outlook, and other popular CRMs.

📊 Pipeline Management: Collaborate effortlessly on pipeline management with Folk.

📧 Email Campaigns: Create AI-generated emails, personalize them at scale, and effectively track and follow up with recipients.

🌐 Chrome Extension: Folk's Chrome extension streamlines contact management. Add new contacts to your CRM with a single click from any website profile, all in real-time.

📈 Analytics & Reports: Folk provides detailed analytics and reports that offer valuable insights into your contacts, pipelines, and email campaigns.

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