Merge Blueprint is an AI tool for businesses, offering a streamlined path to building integrations with the Merge Unified API.By using AI and automation, Blueprint reduces the time and effort required to create, document, and test integrations, ultimately accelerating the process and enhancing the overall developer experience.

Landing page of Merge Blueprint


🤝 AI-Powered API Standardization: Blueprint leverages AI to assess the structure of the API and converts it into standardized data schemas, forming a Unified API.

📄 API Documentation Generation: Blueprint automatically generates comprehensive API documentation for the Unified API, simplifying the process for developers to comprehend and utilize the API.

💻 SDK Generation: Blueprint creates Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Unified API in various programming languages, facilitating developers in building integrations with the API.

🧪 Integration Testing: Blueprint offers integration testing tools that enable businesses to test their integrations with the Unified API before deploying them, ensuring compatibility and functionality.

App page of Merge Blueprint


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